My approach to coaching is a combination of taking practical steps and using intuition to listen to the soul’s calling. I especially listen for how your creative juices seek expression.

Many of my clients are people who have worked in traditional professions and now want to move forward in more non-traditional professions, such as healers, energy workers, creatives, and those who want to stand in their truth and stand in their power.

Comments from Clients:

“You are making it possible for me to CREATE…believe in myself and the gift that I have to share with the world.”  ~Linda

“Just that simple act of having someone TRULY hear my words is something I haven’t experienced in a great deal of time.”  ~ Kristin

“You, my dear, your soul sees truth of the other souls, your light gently takes ‘that truth’ by the hand and leads it through the maze of the mind/society to a clearing for a wonderful picnic on hope, dreams understanding and warmth.”  ~T.J.